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This theme is being postponed until further notice sometime after the Desiree Alliance conference. Instead, the theme of HOOK Zine #1 will be Race, Class, and Sex Work, and will be created by participants at the conference in conjunction with our race/class caucus and and writing workshop!

A call our for contributions around the theme for HOOK Zine #2 will be announced in the back of HOOK Zine#1, so stay tuned! : )



CALL OUT! for Submissions for HOOK Zine!

HOOK (Hustler’s Out On Kapitalism) is a collective of sex worker activists in the Bay Area working on various community projects, including this zine!

HOOK Zine Issue #1 would like to explore the experiences of activists doing work within the Non-Profit Industrial Complex (NPIC) system. In this time where many vital services [i.e. in San Francisco] are being heavily affected by the “economic downturn”, we are interested in hearing about how organizations providing direct services to marginalized communities have responded to the pressures of funding cuts and an increasing chokehold on accessible resources. What were some successes? Failures? Challenges? Have you learned from these processes, and if so, what? We are especially interested in shared strategies of navigating the NPIC while maintaining the integrity of the programs, community support, and/or accountability.

The deadline for submissions is May 1, 2010. For more info, or to submit to the zine, please email hook.collective@gmail.com and put ‘Zine #1 Submission’ in the header, or stay posted as we update our blog at https://hookcollective.wordpress.com/


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HOOK (Hustlers Out On Kapitalism) is a collective of sex worker activists in the Bay Area from various race and class backgrounds working on various community projects. Through shared diverse experiences and desires for progress, we hope to create a safe, supportive, healing space where individuals in the sex industry and activist circles can inspire new dialogue, build bridges, and expand the understanding and connections of ourselves to each other, all fighting for survival, safety, and support within the sex industry!

We meet once a week in San Francisco!  If you are interested in more info about our meetings, please email us at hook.collective@gmail.com and put ‘Meetings’ in the header.

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