The mission of INTERSECTION is to do something different than the kind of events, art and activism that people associate with the current “sex worker rights movement” and the identity of “sex worker.”  The HOOK Collective is committed to bringing a fuller picture to the conversation about race, class and gender regarding “sex work” within the context of activism, academia and culture.

INTERSECTION will showcase art and performance created by people of color who work or have worked in the sex industry.

This exhibit explores the complexity and multidimensionality of our experiences and identities outside just a single defining label- because all identities are interconnected, valuable and deserve to Be!

Featuring art film and performances by:

La Chica Boom
Olaniyan Adams
Keva I. Lee & Tommy Cuellar
Cinnamon Maxxxine Rose
T.R. Ex
Xavier Grey

…films by folks of Voices of Women Media from Amsterdam, NL!

…and more!

Emcee for the evening, the fierce fabulous miz Ginger Virago!

Performances at 8pm and 930pm!

DJ Lucha Grande spinning cumbia, hip hop, and more!

It is our intention to bring this exhibit to a wider audience. Please invite others and help spread the word.

Thursday May 26th 7pm-11pm
Galería De La Raza
2857 24th Street @ Bryant st, SF

$5-50+ Donation. No one turned away.
Beer & Wine Cash Bar.


INTERSECTION: Historias A Travez del Arte de Trabajadoras/es del Sexo de Color en colaboración con el Festival de San Francisco de Cine y Arte de los Trabajaodras/es del Sexo

Este año, la colectiva HOOK (hookcollective.wordpress.com) está organizando un show de arte que presentará obras que tienen a trabajadores de sexo como tema y obras por trabajadoras/es de sexo de color. Como la identidad del “trabajador de sexo” amenudo produce la imagen de un trabajador blanco, de la clase media y, como la industria del sexo incluye un rango expansivo de experiencias e identidades, la meta de INTERSECTION es de proveer un espacio dedicado a las historias y el arte de las personas de color en la industria del sexo para que jueguen un rol principal en el festival.

Priorizamos una serie de medios–incluyendo el arte instalado, el arte de presentación, y la palaba recitada (poesia)–y deseamos incentivar la participación de todos los que se identifican como no-blancos quienes trabajan o han trabajado en la industria del sexo. Hace artesanías? Puede alquilar un espacio para vender sus obras en el evento de apertura! Incentivamos a trabajadores de la calle, los individuos trans, “queers,” personas con capacidades diferentes y hasta las personas quienes no se identifican con el término “trabajador del sexo” a aplicar! El inglés es opcional ya que trabajaremos para acomodar cualquier barrera linguistica que surja. Tambien tiene la opción de presentar su trabajo anónimamente o con un pseudónimo.

Para someter su arte, por favor mande lo siguiente:

-Una corta descripción de su arte, palabra recitada (poesia) o arte instalado

-Cualquier video, grabación, o fotografías de su arte (no está requirido, pero sería una ayuda tenerlo)

-Una breve explicación de porqué piensa que su obra es adecuada para INTERSECTION

-Cualquier necesidad especial técnico, espacial, o de acceso que requiere

Por favor mande obras digitales a: HOOK.Collective@gmail.com

Si desea mandar muestras de su trabajo por correo, o si desea reservar una mesa para vender sus artesanías desde ahora, por favor mande un email para hacer los arreglos!

LA FECHA LIMITE es: 1 Mayo, 2011

San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival
P.O. 210256, San Francisco, CA 94121


Productores: Carol Leigh AKA Scarlot Harlot & Erica Fabulous
Encargada de videos: Laure McElroy
Encargado de arte: Tobias Ex

El Festival de San Francisco de Cine y Arte de l@s Trabajaodras/es del Sexo (www.sexworkerfest.com) fue establiceido en 1998 para proveer un foro para los logros en el ámbito de cine, arte, acutación y creación de video con el tema de trabajo sexual, y para presentar obras acerca de l@s trabajadoras/es de sexo y las industrias de sexo de todas partes del mundo. El Festival provée la oportunidad de reconocer y honrar prostitutas, bailarines, actores de porno y otros trabajadoras/es de sexo quienes han jugado un rol dinámico en las comunidades de arte.

After a long anticipated wait, HOOK Zine #1: Race, Class, and Sex Work (July 2010) has finally been reprinted for a second round of distribution! Originally created last year in July at the Las Vegas Desiree Alliance conference, this zine is a compilation of writings by various attendees who attended HOOK’s Community Caucus and/or Yet to Be Named: Writing Workshop.

It includes many wonderful insights about the impacts of race and class on experiences, both in sex work, and in sex work activism. It also includes word-for-word transcriptions of the notes taken during the Community Caucus, a thorough reportback of many highlights from our caucus discussions, and new ideas about how we as a struggling, marginalized community can work towards building stronger bridges and continue to support one another, both within our own communities within these movements, and at large.

If you would like a hard copy of the zine, email us at HOOK.Collective@gmail.com. We will also be at the 16th Annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Faire this Sunday afternoon, so come by our blanket and pick up your copy of HOOK Zine #1 today!

INTERSECTION: 十字路口: 徵集少數族裔從事性服務工作者的故事
與 「性工作者電影與藝術節」協作

舊金山性工 作者電影與藝術節 (http://www.sexworkerfest.com/) 創 設於1998年,目的是為性服務工作者影片、藝術、表演與影像製作的發表提供平台,並且讓全世界關懷性工作者與性產業的作品有上映空間。性工作者電影與 藝術 節提供一個機會,讓提供性服務者、舞者、情色影像表演者及其它的性工作者能夠被認可及尊崇,他們歷來就是藝 術社群裡一個有活力的元素。

今 年,HOOK Collective [hookcollective.wordpress.com] 將 策展一場藝術展演,來展示有關少數族裔性服務工作者的藝術!因為「性工作者」通常只描述某種白種中產、被給力的工作者,也因為性產業時在包括廣泛 的經驗與身份,「十字路口」(INTERSECTION)的目的是提供一個空間,讓性產業中的少數族裔群的故事與藝術能在「性工作者電 影與藝術節」佔主要 角色。

我 們囊括了一些媒介 - 包括裝置藝術、表演藝術、話語 - 並鼓勵任何自認現在或曾從事 性服務行業的少數族裔人士參與。您是否做工藝? 您 能在開幕活動時租一張桌子來賣您的商品! 我們鼓勵街頭性工作者、跨性 別、同志、被不同標籤的群體、也可以是部自認為是「性工作者」的群體積極投 不限英文。

如果你要投 稿,請將下列文件寄給我們:

– 你的藝術作品、話語或裝置藝術的簡述

– 關 於你的藝術的影像、紀錄、或照片(非必要但很有幫助)

-一個簡單的解 釋為什麼你的作品適合INTERSECTION藝術展演

– 關 於你所需的技術、空間或設備協助需求

請以電郵投 稿至:HOOK.Collective@gmail.com


截止日期: 2011 年四月八日

San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival
P.O. 210256, San Francisco, CA 94121
監 製: Carol Leigh AKA Scarlot Harlot & Erica Fabulous
電 影策展: Laure McElroy
藝 術策展: Tobias Hsu

INTERSECTION: Stories Through Art by Sex Workers of Color
in part with the San Francisco Sex Workers Film and Arts Festival

This year, the HOOK Collective [hookcollective.wordpress.com] is curating an art show that will be showcasing arts about and by sex workers of color! Because the identity “sex worker” oftentimes portrays the image of a white empowered middle-class worker, and because the sex industry encapsulates an expansive range of experiences and identities, the goal of INTERSECTION is to provide an intentional space where the stories and art of people of color in the sex industry take the principal role at the festival – where we recognize that identities and experiences are complex, and for many people, “sex work” is just one small detail amongst many multidimensional identities that define an individual.

INTERSECTION would like to showcase these complexities. The art we seek to showcase is NOT limited to topics concerning “sex work”.

We prioritize a variety of mediums – including installation art, performance art, and spoken word – and encourage participation by everyone who identifies as a non-white person who works or has worked in the sex industry. Do you make crafts? You can rent table-space to sell your wares at the opening event! Street workers, trans, queer, differently-abled folks, and folks who don’t even identify with the term “sex worker” are encouraged to apply! English is optional, as we will work to accommodate for any language barriers that may arise.

Work can be submitted and/or displayed anonymously.

To submit your work, please send us the following:

-A short description of your art, spoken word, or installation work
-Any videos, recordings, or photographs of your art (not required but would be helpful)
– A brief explanation why you think your artwork is suitable for INTERSECTION
– Any tech, space, equipment, or accessibility needs you have

Please send digital submissions to: HOOK.Collective@gmail.com

If you would like to send us samples of your work via mail, or reserve a craft table now, please email us to make arrangements!

DEADLINE is May 1st, 2011

San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival
P.O. 210256, San Francisco, CA 94121
Producers: Carol Leigh AKA Scarlot Harlot & Erica Fabulous
Movie Curator: Laure McElroy
Arts Curator: Tobias Ex

The San Francisco Sex Workers Film and Arts Festival (www.sexworkerfest.com) was established in 1998 to provide a forum for the accomplishments of sex worker film, art, performance and video makers, and to screen works about sex workers and the sex industries from around the world. The Sex Worker Festival provides an opportunity to recognize and honor prostitutes, dancers, porn performers and other sex workers, who have historically been a dynamic part of arts communities.

Our Current Projects page has just been updated! Find out more information on HOOK’s new poetic writing workshop project, WordPlay: Valuing Voices in the Sex Industry. Come write with us, drink tea, and spend some creative time with other ho’s!

Also, HOOK has just been asked to host an evening at the Sex Worker Film & Arts Festival (SWFAF)! Check back for updates there in the new year, and/or email us if you’d like to get involved with organizing this exciting event and meet some friendly folks!

It’s been a while since our page has been updated – partly due to technical issues, and partly due to our busy busy schedules. As you probably know, HOOK is a labor of love, and as grassroots as it gets! We don’t get paid to do this – we do this because we feel strongly about the need to create more spaces dedicated to dialoguing/sharing/creating our experiences and our art as people of color within the sex industry.

At the end of July 2010, we went to the Desiree Alliance sex worker conference and facilitated two workshops: A race/class caucus and a writing workshop. (Click on the links to read more information about the workshops.)

We have been approached by several people since the conference who said they loved both of our workshops! Our caucus was one of the most highly attended workshops at the conference, and a lot of very interesting, insightful discussions and constructive feedback were brought to the table about how race and class have impacted us, and the current state of the sex worker activist movement in the US.

The writing workshop that followed the caucus saw the creation of our very first issue of HOOK zine! So exciting! Titled/themed “Race, Class, and Sex Work”, this awesome zine includes a collection of writing, poetry, and artwork created by many of the incredible attendees at the conference! It also includes a word-for-word reportback transcription of notes written by participants during the caucus, which we highly recommend** as it includes many significant issues, questions, and concerns from folks in this vast community of sex workers and activists – concerns which we at HOOK feel should be taken more seriously, and necessitate deeper examination if we are to evolve and grow as a radical community.**

The caucus and the writing workshop were held on the last full day of the conference, and we wanted to have the zine done in time to distribute at the DA Afterparty Fundraiser at the Erotic Heritage Museum. So, in a whirlwind 6 hours of transcribing, writing, cut+paste, and printing, we somehow managed to print 35 colorful copies of the zine! At the party, we asked for a small donation to cover printing costs, donated one to the Erotic Heritage Museum at their request, and sold out by morning!

It took much longer than anticipated for us to track down and get back our original (and only copy) of HOOK Zine #1, so we apologize for the delay! But now that it has been returned to us, we plan on printing more copies of HOOK Zine #1 for distribution at the beginning of 2011. We also plan on digitizing the entire zine so, in the future, issues will be accessible and reprintable for distribution through our website. HOOK Zine is a project we plan on continuing, so stay posted for the next Call Out for Submissions for HOOK #2! For now, if you want a copy of HOOK Zine #1, we greatly appreciate donations from $5-50000 which go directly towards keeping HOOK projects accessible and sustainable. Ultimately, though, we prioritize inclusive accessibilty to information and knowledge always – anti-copyright/pro-stewardship! – so no one will ever be denied for lack of funds.

All in all, our workshops at Desiree Alliance were a big success! Many thanks to all the amazing folks who helped make it happen, the DA organizers for having us at the conference this year, the people who attended the workshops, and everyone who shared their stories and contributed to HOOK Zine #1! We are so grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing individuals, and we look forward to continue building bridges with you in the new year!

Tobias R. Ex
HOOK Collective